Transcendental Meditation: Naturally Healing The Women Of Today


The American Psychological Association has done a survey that women’s stress levels have been rising significantly, surpassing that of the men’s. Around 50% of those who were surveyed have stated that due to stress, sleeplessness can sometimes occur. Fatigue, on the other hand, tends to interfere with women’s discipline for better nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes.

“Depression and anxiety, explains Beth Patterson, LPC, “also share an essential psychological component — namely, pushing people away from living in the present moment. Individuals with anxiety are continuously worried about the future, while people with depression are often focused on what has happened in the past.”

Further studies show that women are more affected by anxiety and depression compared to men. For this reason, rest and revitalization are highly recommended.

What is transcendental meditation?


Transcendental meditation is a technique wherein a person’s consciousness transcends easily from its agitated and restless state to experience focal silence. It can relieve deep-seated stress; thereby, relaxing the body. The process of “transcending” diverts a person’s attention to concentrate on the mind’s core and tapping the source of intelligence and energy.

John Grohol, PsyD, defines transcendental meditation as “a deceptively simple meditation technique that uses a mantra — a repeating word, phrase or sound — to help a person clear their mind and attain a deep state of relaxation or awareness. If mindlessness is our automatic reaction to everyday events and interactions with others, transcendental meditation seeks to go beyond such reactions.”

Neuro-scientific and behavioral studies revealed recently that transcendental meditation had pronounced indications directly impacting attention, self-awareness, attention, empathy, and consciousness. This technique is a holistic approach to keep the body and the mind working together as a single entity. It is to achieve a more efficient and functioning brain while benefitting the body to cope and overcome stress.

“In essence, meditation refers to a wide spectrum of practices designed to promote a greater sense of self-knowledge, connection to life, to reality, to the divine, and our true nature. Historically, meditation has been a practice devoted to the path of awakening, self- realization, liberation, and enlightenment – the attainment of a state of consciousness that alleviates and eventually removes the fundamental challenges to a happier, freer and more dignifying human existence.” – Andrea Colombu, LMFT

Benefits of transcendental meditation


Reduces the risk of heart disease

Stress is one of the leading causes of heart disease.  To battle stress, there are tons of research proving that meditation can severely impact main factors for the occurrence of heart disease namely:  high cholesterol, resistance to insulin, and increased blood pressure. The increased mortality rate in women is mainly caused by heart disease which is why it is advisable to practice this technique.

Slows down aging

There is no such thing as a fountain of youth. However, there are ways to dissolve or slow down the aging process, and this is through transcendental meditation. By zoning out the bad vibes around you and focusing on the peace that this technique brings, women can maintain a vibrant atmosphere and youthful glow.

Helps in weight loss

A balanced emotion is balanced nutrition. Every day, women face numerous factors that increase their stress levels like relationships, society, career, and family. It can affect the way they eat and their lifestyles. Because some women result in overeating while stressed, it can be quite overwhelming for them to control their weight. Meditation helps in calming the nerves and eliminates compulsive eating. Instead of instant gratification, meditation diverts the mind into a natural state of contentment.

Mental health control

Women experience depressive mood swings and anxiety. Transcendental meditation helps in relieving these issues by achieving that consistent, profound level of relaxation, partly indicated by decreased plasma lactate and cortisol. Reaching that state can balance our well-being, bringing clarity and inner strength. At the same time, it is addressing the underlying cause. Meditation is a form of de-stressing and you can do it at home.

Activates intuition

Women are intuitive in nature. And more often than not, their intuitions are correct. However, exhaustion and stress are contributing factors to cloud the mind and to prevent the ability to recognize this intuitive feeling. The truth often dwells deep within. When that communication is blocked by numerous factors, it is difficult to see with absolute clarity and confidence.