Thai Massage For Couples 

Thai massage can bring numerous benefits. No wonder people get hooked on it. This type of massage is focused on providing physical relaxation, apart from many health benefits like improving blood circulation, increases body energy, decreases muscle tension, and more. It is also a great way to ignite your love life if you and your loved one are willing to do it together.  

Jeffrey Barnett, PsyD, says, “Massage therapy is a manual procedure that involves manipulating the body’s soft tissue as a way to relieve tension and pain as well as anxiety and depression. Massage therapists use their hands, fingers and sometimes their forearms or feet as a way to “relieve pain, rehabilitate sports injuries, reduce stress, increase relaxation, address anxiety and depression, and aid general wellness.”




Why Thai Massage Is Good For You 

This type of massage will open, twist, stretch, lengthen and relax your body all at the same time. Thai massage is the association between the receiver and the giver. It is an involvement of exhaled and inhaled breaths that will free your body, mind, and soul.  What you will experience with it can be labeled as euphoric.  

Don McCann, LMHC, stated in his site, “Often, clients arrive for sessions having gone through extremely stressful situations from life experiences leading up to the massage. These can include stress at work, family situations, or even emotional stress traveling by car to the session. At the extreme end, we have clients with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), family of origin issues, and sexual/emotional/physical abuse.”

The Euphoric State 

 The experience is indeed euphoric and here’s what to expect from it, and more: 

  • Wear something stretchable and comfortable. 
  • Just lay on the massage table, pad or bed.  
  • Surrender your body to the massager. 
  • Drink some water and be hydrated.  
  • The rate of the service will depend on the length of the Thai massage session. 

 A Glimpse Into This Beautiful Practice 

 Before you indulge in Thai massage, it is best that you educate first yourself with the basics. 




  • Thai massage originated from Ayurveda, Buddhism, and Yoga. “Believed to be over 5000 years old,” wrote Stephen F. Lewis, LMHC, “Ayurveda has spiritual, philosophical, and scientific roots as well as connections to the yoga tradition. According to Ayurveda, the physical universe is comprised of five elements: space, air, fire, water, and earth. Each person is made up of a unique proportion of these elements and Ayurveda strives to rebalance the 5 elements when they stray from their original pattern.”
  • It’s been practiced for around 2500 years, but have evolved through time.  
  • The diverse practices bring in healing wonders.  
  • It is also known as “lazy man’s yoga,” which is a form of meditation.  
  • The massage is composed of compression, motion and thumbing routines that rejuvenate the Sen lines and opens blockages within the body.  
  • It is a cure for issues with chronic tensions 


As the preparation of the session, it is suggested that you do the following:  

  • This session can be shared with your spouse, partner, or friends.  
  • The receiver should position his or her body comfortably.  
  • The instructions given below are for the giver to follow.  
  • Both the receiver and the giver should communicate. 


Foot To Foot 

  • Ground your heel on the floor or the mat.  
  • Lean forward to the foot’s arch 
  • Move the foot back and forth 
  • Walk on it.  


Hand To Shoulder Compression 

  • Start with a kneeling position and hips on heels.  
  • Put the palms on the receiver’s shoulders, straighten up the arms and lean the body forward.  
  • Do a cat-like kneading as the palm walks through the shoulders.  
  • Put pressure on the fingers, heel, and palms.  
  • Move the palms back and forth on the shoulders simultaneously.  

Foot To Shoulder Compression 

  • Sit behind your receiver and bend the knee slightly.  
  • Put the outer foot on the trap and shoulder area.  
  • Step on the shoulder and lead using the heel.  
  • Do a back and forth movement in the area, then do it on the other side.  


Seated Shoulder Decompression 

  • Put your feet behind the receiver and connect the knees to the receiver’s back.  
  • Hinge the hips, then put the hands on the shoulders.  
  • Arms should be straight and knees bent.  
  • Apply pressure while keeping the neck and spine tall.  
  • Drop your hands. 
  • Exhale and inhale after that.  
  • Both hands should move while doing the following – shoulder edge, middle shoulders and close to the neck.  


Assisted Side Body Stretch 

  • Sit up. 
  • The foot’s outer edge will be placed on the ground and tailbone.  
  • The body is facing on one side, rotate torso and face the partner.  
  • The receiver’s back should rest on the leg of the giver.  
  • The receiver will have fingers interlaced and extend them over the head.  
  • Grasp wrists firmly and lean back. 
  • Inhale and exhale, as well. 


Heart-Opener Pull 

  • Put the feet between the shoulder blades and the spine on one side.  
  • Knees must be slightly bent.  
  • Hold the wrists. 
  • Gently lean the body back. 
  • Inhale and exhale as you do that. 

Thai massage requires precision and focus. Doing it the right way will allow you to experience the benefits to its fullest essence. It may not be erotic, but it is something that you and your spouse can do together as a prelude to lovemaking.