Tantra Tai Chi For Couples: Ignite Your Sex Life 

Lovemaking should be done with immeasurable passion and fierce intensity. It is not an obligation to your partner but rather an art wherein the two of you must lovingly create. With that, the goal of having satisfying sex is now being studied. There are numerous ways suggested on how to do that, and some can help couples heighten their sexual satisfaction.  

“You’re not alone; everyone has sexual problems at some point. While the media paints sex as easy and hot and suggests that everyone but you is having loads of sex, the truth is that having great sex takes work. Young newlyweds often have sexual adjustment problems of the who (initiates), what (is exciting to you and me) and when (morning or night) type.” – Laurie Watson, LMFT, LPC


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What Is Tantra Tai Chi? 

Tantra Tai Chi is one of those sexual ways to satisfy the human urge to be physically intimate. It is characterized by simple movements that free your mind from control and your body will just freely flow on its own. It will help you and your partner in sync for sex and experience it in its fullest essence.  

According to David Yarian, a licensed clinical psychologist, “One of the principles of Tantric philosophy is that sensory experience is all-important. A lot of meditation is focused on the mind and doesn’t deal with the body as much. In Tantra, you are very much in your body. You are totally alive to everything that’s coming through your senses — touch, smell, perception, how it feels to be in your body. The goal is to maximize that.”

Through tantra tai chi, you become more present in lovemaking by just following what your body dictates. Letting your body guide you all throughout the lovemaking session may sound easy, but it is not the same for everyone. It needs focus and practice, all at the same time.  


Tantra Tai Chi Movement – Peaceful Passion Practice 


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The couple will stand in front of each other, face to face while focusing their gaze on one another. Press your pelvic floor towards your partner and then pull away. The whole movement will be a rocking motion, back and forth. Rock the hips towards your partner, while your sex muscles are squeezing. Put your hands in front of you as if you’re going to clap it, and then move the hips back while letting go of the squeeze. Your breathing must be coordinated with your movements.  


Do this exercise for at least 10 minutes each day, and you will feel the significant alignment of energy in your body. Eventually, you will notice that the intimacy between you two will get deeper and the fire will be burning with much passion.  


Yab Yum Position 


Here is another tantra tai chi movement for couples. Just make sure that you will be doing this in a comfortable place without distractions.  


Lie together, or you can also sit doing the Yab Yum position. It will help you both reach the deepest part of your intimacy and connection.  


Start by gazing into each other’s eyes, and then slowly bring your attention to the lower parts of your bodies. Do the PC contractions on each other and try to sense your partner’s sexual energy. If you feel that it is finally there, then you can enjoy the intercourse knowing that you two are ready for it.  


Other Things To Remember About Tantra Tai Chi 


But remember that this lovemaking movement has to do with your feelings for one another. Tell your partner how much you love him or her. Make sure that the whole thing has to do with body movements and at the same time, your love for one another.  


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Focus on the eyes of your partner. Remember that the eyes are considered the spiritual center of anyone’s being. When you feel the energy rising again, tell your partner openly. Doing this will bring you two to sexual bliss 

Maura Matarese, LMHC, explains that “the practice of tantric sex, where people drop into silence and stillness while gazing deeply into each other’s eyes before they initiate touch, is meant to be a physical expansion of the emotional and erotic connection that the couple begins to experience organically, while sitting in silence together. The act of sex, in turn, then helps to deepen and expand the couple’s emotional, spiritual and erotic connection.”

These exercises will not only tone your body. It will also produce intense sex sessions with your partner and will deepen your loving bond. Remember that lovemaking is about sharing your body, mind, heart, and soul. If these are not present, then the sex will surely be a human urge.