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Does Nature Alone Have The Power To Cure Anxiety?

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  • September 28, 2018
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Psychiatrists would always advise their stressed patients to plan a little vacation and relaxation somewhere, preferably to a greener place away from the city. Doctors would also suggest to jog or even walk every day to parks to reduce the feelings of stress and anxiety. It leads down to the question if nature alone, the jogging and sometimes costly travel expenses, can make our mental being any better.

The Color Of The Surroundings Has A Psychological Impact To The Mental Aspect

Especially on sunny days, the lively blending of colors of green and yellow is said to invoke happy mood and cheerful vibes to the people. The shade of green generally signifies peace, quietness, and stability. This color of nature is known to attract harmonious feelings that get rid of anxiety and stress. Different shades of green are being used in the interior walls of a house as it is deemed the best stress-reducing color.

 The Trees Give Off Only Fresh Scent And Oxygen

Researchers from the University of Queensland (UQ) and ARC Center of Excellence for Environmental Decisions (CEED) concluded that every person needs a minimum dose of nature every day. The benefits range from a reduction of risk of heart diseases and lesser chances of depression, anxiety, and severe instances of stress.

If you will notice there is this particular scent of the parks, gardens, mountainous areas and other green fields that seem to unblock your noses and lungs full of the pollution from the cities. These green bushes and trees, from our basic biology and earth science classes, are good at giving off unpolluted, clean and fresh air for you to breathe in.

If you familiarize yourself with aromatherapy, then you will find yourself immersed in the different scents of nature. There is this scent of the sea, the woods, the mountains, and other natural smells to add to your home and enhance your mental well-being. Nature scents have been proven to align your thoughts and aid to a better stress reception.

The Scenery Itself Is Relaxing

Numerous studies have already concluded and reported that people living in a neighborhood of trees, bushes, and birds, are the least likely to develop anxiety and depression in the long run. Most of us, if not all, do not know the reason why our minds align and the intense emotions subside and become better just by looking at the ocean, the mountains, the birds on the trees, and the flowers blooming. Nature itself is already the reason.

The scenery and view of nature at its purest has this peaceful vibe to all its viewers. The city is a fast-pacing aspect. People come and go and sprint like every day is a deadline. Cars are honking like there’s no tomorrow. People usually shout wherever they go to be heard. Crimes happen anywhere before you even know it. The overcrowding of the city also adds to the stress brought about by the demands of business and the modern world itself.

Compared to a park and green surroundings, everything here is calm. Even the winds become gentle. The silent rustling of leaves will not add to the sound pollution. It also aids to your relaxation and increased skills of emotional resilience. The singing of birds is music to the ears. The unpolluted air and natural scent will make you feel truly at home.

Indeed, even walking or sitting in an urban park will give you this contented and relaxed feeling before going back to the realities of life. With the above research-backed-up studies and findings, it is safe to say that nature is your kind of ‘overnight’ cure for mild stress and passing anxiety.





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Tai Chi And Its Benefits



What is Tai Chi?


The world has known about martial arts through the movies of Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris decades ago. People became interested in learning karate and other forms of martial arts for self-defense, and they even enrolled their children in karate classes. That was how the Westerners influenced everyone in terms of how we should practice martial arts.


In the Eastern world, on the other hand, Asians have utilized martial arts in many different forms, such as in the practice called “Tai Chi”.


Tai chi is among of the oldest methods in Chinese alternative medicine that has been utilized by almost everyone in China to achieve mental, physical and emotional wellness. It involves performing slow and gentle movements combined with proper breathing techniques to achieve peace of mind, heart and soul. Its purpose is also for self-defense, but not through violence and haste. It practices total focus and concentration.


How does Tai chi Achieve Wellness?


Seasoned Tai chi masters are known to utilize a small amount of energy to push a much heavier force through full concentration and a steady flow of ‘Qi’ or life energy. A smooth flow of life energy is the optimal priority of practicing Tai Chi. It is this energy that’s responsible for creating harmony within our bodies, thereby helping us achieve wellness. With regular practice, it can be an essential exercise for the body, mind and heart.


What are the Types of Tai Chi?


There are actually several ways of doing Tai Chi, but there are three major styles that are more commonly used, their names derived from their founding masters.


  1. The Chen style is done by doing slow, but explosive moves. It requires coordination of almost all body parts and is therefore not recommended for beginners because of reported injuries to the back and knees.
  2. The Yang style is the most popular one, although not the oldest. People you see in parks and other recreational places that are doing Tai chi in groups are usually doing the Yang style. The steps are gentle, consistent and easy enough for children, adults and seniors to follow.
  3. The Wu style is a more recent style derived from Yang and is composed of about 100 movements, but can be done in 36 steps using its shorter version. Some people find the Wu rather boring with much slower movements.


What are the Benefits of Tai Chi?


Here are some of the all-time benefits of Tai Chi for our mental, physical, and emotional well-being.


  • Improves flexibility and muscular strength
  • Relieves pain
  • Reduces anxiety and depression
  • Promotes normal blood circulation and speeds up healing
  • Strengthens joints and ligaments essential for optimal physical function
  • Helps improve mental and emotional well being
  • Tremendously decreases stress and tension levels
  • Regulates blood pressure and helps maintain a healthy heart


Tai Chi goes far beyond physical and mental health. It is a fulfilling spiritual experience as well. The feeling of being free from stress, negativity and physical ailments is more than enough to be grateful for this wonderful Asian healing method known as Tai Chi.

Visit BetterHelp today to know other ways to deal with your mental health.




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What is Tai-Chi?

What do you do for yourself when you feel no one cares?  Of course, this is a valid feeling for you, but in all actuality is probably not true.  There is always someone to reach out to, to talk to, and to get feedback from; even if that means you decide to seek out therapy from companies like BetterHelp.  There are also things that you can do for yourself to feel more grounded and to be able to work through your feelings of “no one care.”  Tai chi is a practice that can help you work through some of those feelings.…

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Enrich Your Way To Spiritual Healing With Buddhism

While many believed Buddhism is a religion, freethinkers tend to think otherwise. For them, Buddhism is not about divine authority or following a religious institution. It is something more. Buddhism is more of an experience and a realization. It gives a deeper and more meaningful understanding of the world and the people.…

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Transcendental Meditation: Naturally Healing The Women Of Today

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  • December 21, 2017
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The American Psychological Association has done a survey that women’s stress levels have been rising significantly, surpassing that of the men’s. Around 50% of those who were surveyed have stated that due to stress, sleeplessness can sometimes occur. Fatigue, on the other hand, tends to interfere with women’s discipline for better nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes.…

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Is Acupuncture Right For Me

Whatever health issue we are going on in life, be it affecting you physically or emotionally, we try all sorts of solutions. Doctors, medications, support groups, even stranger chat rooms, the latter of which, as Betterhelp says in its post, has pros and cons. One alternative that comes  Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years and many people swear by its healing qualities.  Here is some background to help you decide if it’s right for you; and even if it’s not… there are other options out there to get what you need to start feeling better, things like diet, exercis, and speaking with an online psychologist according to BetterHelp and others.…

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What Is Buddhism


If you are feeling empty, what do you do to fill yourself back up?  Feeling a certain void, you shouldn’t use drugs, alcohol, food or any other tangible item because that feeling of fullness will only be temporary.  You should fill yourself up so that your body, mind, and soul feel happy.  Perhaps a look into Buddhism is what you need.…

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Revealing How Acupuncture Works And Its Many Benefits

Nowadays, people seek other alternative treatments. Oftentimes, when Western medicine is not effective, individuals would search for the best available traditional treatment that may possibly work for them. This is particularly true for patients with back pain or those that suffer from idiopathic and chronic pain.…

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