Meditation for Mental Stress Relief

Who doesn’t suffer from stress? Stress is very much a normal part of life and while it might seem easy enough for people to handle, a lot of people cannot. It’s tough because there are lots of factors that can bring on an attack of stress. We can be overworked, get little sleep or find life, in general, is overwhelming. There are truly a million different things that can stress us out and for the most part, they can be minor complaints. However, we all have different stress levels and how much we can take before we snap and it’s important to find ways to avoid snapping. We don’t want to blow up at the people we care about and in all honesty, it’s not meant! It’s the stress that’s doing the damage. It is possible to find a good stress relief and meditation is a useful avenue to explore.


Why Meditation?

“In essence, meditation refers to a wide spectrum of practices designed to promote a greater sense of self-knowledge, connection to life, to reality, to the divine, and our true nature. Historically, meditation has been a practice devoted to the path of awakening, self- realization, liberation, and enlightenment – the attainment of a state of consciousness that alleviates and eventually removes the fundamental challenges to a happier, freer and more dignifying human existence.” – Andrea Colombu, LMFT.

While meditation doesn’t always appeal to everyone, there is something about it that can actually take our minds away from our strains and stresses and make us feel far better. When you meditate you clear your mind and calm our bodies down and can help to relieve stress. Meditation for mental stress relief is very important and something that more and more must think of. Stress overtakes life and it’s hard to get away from it even after you’ve come home from a long day at the office. Meditation might not appeal to you at first but with a bit of work, it can become your little stress reliever.

Built-Up Stress Is Bad For the Mind

Stress is something that affects many and in truth, it’s a natural part of life. Everyone has stress from time to time but there is a level in which it becomes increased and usually, it remains with you for a very long time. When you build the stress up, it can put a big strain on your mind and make you mentally ill. Stress can make you depressed and it could become extremely difficult for you to want to go outside and do regular things you used to do. Built-up stress is truly bad for your mind and that’s why meditation for mental stress relief is important. You can feel better about things and might help you in many ways.

Jasmine Terrany, LMHC, says this about her one-minute sample meditation audio: “The most important lesson in meditation is that the only “bad” meditation is “no” meditation. It’s amazing how quickly the days go by, but how long one minute can feel when you let yourself slow down actually to experience it. Take 60 seconds, it will be worth it.”

Try Meditation

For most, they don’t think meditating is going to do much good or impact their lives and certainly not help with stress. However, it really is an extremely useful solution. You could look at trying meditation even for a few weeks just to see if it does anything to relieve your stress. If it turns out to work then great and you can feel far more positive about your situation. However, if you don’t like it you don’t have to carry on with it and you haven’t lost anything. Trying something like meditation is better than not trying anything at all.


Find a Perfect Stress Reliever

“Even though we all have busy schedules, it’s important to take a little time to appreciate being in the moment, which is what mindfulness meditation is all about. It’s important that adults model how to cope with stress, so our children see how effectively we deal with life’s challenges. In my work with children and adolescents, I have discovered that it is helpful to introduce mindfulness meditation into therapy, as a useful coping strategy for stress and anxiety.” – Katie Luce, LMFT.

In truth, there are many different avenues to explore when it comes to relieving stress but sometimes they don’t always work. When you keep that stress built up it can start to play havoc with your emotions and make you feel overwhelmed. It is enormously important to look at ways to relieve that stress. Meditation can become a good stress relief avenue and it can help in many ways.