Asian Art of Self-Healing

“My belief is in whole heart healing…that is, healing of the mind, body and soul. I believe that people have the tools to help heal themselves, but with all of the toxic energy that is around us, those tools get buried or are forgotten.” – Jessica Alejandro, LMFT.

Self-healing isn’t always given too much thought when it comes to healing your body. Have you thought about how self-healing can help your overall body? Sometimes, you have to self-heal in order to deal with the pain you feel. When you have trouble with chronic pain and discomfort, you can often find a little self-healing does the trick. There are lots of impressive Asian methods to self-heal and they can help you too.


Yoga and Meditation

Learning to control your breathing and keeping the stress away from your mind is crucial when it comes to self-healing. There are lots of simple and effective yoga exercises and breathing techniques to turn to and when you can use them effectively you have a more positive outlook on things. Meditating offers the same practice; you learn to control breathing, release the tension, and feel calmer. This can be a crucial step when it comes to self-healing and it’s certainly a useful tool, to say the least. You don’t have to invest anything into this apart from time and you might be able to self-heal too.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is truly an ancient art form and it’s certainly one that brings a lot of quality to the table. Anyone can use tai chi to their advantage and it’s not as strenuous as you might think. That is why there are now more and more using this to their advantage and it’s quite simple to do too. There isn’t a lot of work that goes into this and you shouldn’t have too much trouble either. Tai chi can offer so much and you should think about using it to your advantage as well. There has never been a better time to use tai chi for self-healing.

According to Ray Blume, LMFT, “Tai Chi is a martial art form done the same way as Qi Gong and is not just exercise. It develops self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self –assertion through the flow of continuous movement. Both Tai Chi and Qi Gong improves coordination, harmony, and understanding and allows you to enjoy the freedom of experiencing the merging of the mind and body through the “felt sense.” Qi Gong and Tai Chi have many health benefits, and is recommended for treatment of hypertension, arthritis, heart attack recovery, back pain, Parkinson’s, Shingles, Asthma, Diabetes, Anxiety, and Depression, and Fibromyalgia, just to name a few.”



One very popular Asian inspired self-healing technique must be acupuncture. Now, this isn’t new, it has been around for a very long time and it can do a lot of good for you. If you have been in pain or wanted to get healthier, a lot of people turn to acupuncture. This can be an ideal solution and something which isn’t too strenuous to try either. Usually, it’s conducted by a professional who is trained in such matters. It’s not too costly and it’s very affordable, to say the least.

Patsy Evans, LMHC, says, “Acupuncture and herbal medicine form the foundation of Chinese medicine, which is based on the notion of balance. To the practitioner, health is defined as the balance of yin and yang and the smooth flow of Qi (life force) and blood throughout the body. When yin and yang are out of balance, the organ systems begin to malfunction and sickness results.”

Self-Healing Is Key

Self-healing isn’t given too much thought when it comes to keeping the body and mind healthy and yet it’s so important today. Do you really think about self-healing and how important it is? To be honest, you probably don’t and it’s a massive problem. However, when you look at various Asian methods of healing you can look a lot more positively at your body. This is so important and it’s something you need to keep up with. There will be benefits to come from self-healing and you should also consider looking into it.